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Monthly Archives: August 2015

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Statement from the DeKalb Chamber of Commerce Regarding Atlanta United FC Coming to DeKalb County

Statement from the DeKalb Chamber of Commerce Regarding Atlanta United FC Coming to DeKalb County

DECATUR, Ga. – Aug. 21, 2015 — “DeKalb Chamber of Commerce is pleased to welcome Atlanta United FC to DeKalb County. Having Atlanta United FC in the county will help create new jobs, boost tourism and spur economic growth to an area that has not seen any major development for 20 years. This soccer sports complex will be the only one of its kind in the region, and will equip DeKalb to be a magnet for national and international sporting events. In addition the opportunity to further expose DeKalb to the sport of soccer will have many influences on our youth and families.

The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation has been a supporter of DeKalb Chamber for several years. We are excited to further cultivate our relationship with Arthur Blank as his business and community involvement are beneficial to progressing DeKalb. Mr. Blank along with the Atlanta United FC family have committed to being engaged in DeKalb, and will offer their business expertise as we continue to develop DeKalb.

We look forward to working with the local government and Decide DeKalb Development Authority and taking this opportunity to attract and recruit major commercial and retail brands and businesses to the county.”

Katerina Taylor
President & CEO
DeKalb Chamber of Commerce

The DeKalb Chamber of Commerce is a membership-based organization with the mission to support, promote and sustain business development in DeKalb County. With 77 years of service in the community, DeKalb Chamber focuses on four critical areas including education, workforce and economic development, public policy, and business member services. We are the primary resource for businesses in DeKalb County. For more information on DeKalb Chamber, please visit their website at www.dekalbchamber.org or call 404-378-8000.