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2019 Legislative Agenda

The DeKalb County Chamber of Commerce advocates for businesses primarily at the local level, regional and, as needed, at the state and federal levels. The Chamber uses four pillars in considering positions on issues.

Pillar 1: Maintain and grow opportunities for existing and future DeKalb County businesses


  • Support economic development tools that encourage investment in DeKalb County, enhancing Georgia’s global competitiveness and creating more jobs
  • Build an attractive DeKalb entrepreneurial ecosystem for venture and seed capital through support of Invest Georgia and other programs
  • Support Smart Tax Reform Policies the help businesses grow, and support infrastructure
  • Support Entertainment and Film Tax Credits to increase revenue and workforce from the film industry


  • Ensure DeKalb County’s image for being a safe place to live, work and play is maintained
  • Support the CEO in ensuring that SPLOST funds allocated as designated
Pillar 2: Reduce the cost of doing business


  • Support ongoing examination of the current tax base, tax rates, and compliance requirements to ensure a Georgia business environment that is fair and competitive


  • Support Decide DeKalb in attracting businesses that are exploring or establishing their site in DeKalb County. Support County wide commitment to retain and expand existing businesses.
  • Continue to encourage DeKalb County to improve systems so that they are more accessible to businesses, both in-person during business hours as well as online options
Pillar 3: Manage growth and support infrastructure improvements to further enhance DeKalb’s 


  • Improve Georgia’s infrastructure through maximizing current revenue sources and increasing overall funding for transportation
  • Support transportation service coordination to address the transit needs of DeKalb and metro Atlanta riders which should include representation of all applicable stakeholders
  • Support investments in alternate forms of transportation to provide DeKalb and metro Atlanta commuters a choice of transportation modes to meet their transportation needs
  • Support legislation that will benefit transportation for the advancement of the region


  • Support I-285/400 Interchange Project
  • Support Hard Rail expansion along the I-20 Corridor and Emory/CDC
  • Support DeKalb County Community Improvement Districts
  • Support Aviation legislation that allows PDK to grow and expand to meet the needs of current and prospective DeKalb Businesses
  • Hold ATL Transit board updates with 2 elected board members

State – WATER

  • Support the continued management of our region’s water resources to meet the needs of metro Atlanta’s growing population and businesses
  • Support the continued review and update of regulations and laws, as well as funding to ensure adequate sources of clean water for metro Atlanta’s future growth and quality of life
  • Support existing state laws and regulations that protect downstream river flows when new or expanded water withdrawals occur, and the authority given to the Department of Natural Resources in the State Water Plan to review inter-basin transfer regulations when necessary

          County – WATER

  • Support revenue sources designed and dedicated to improving DeKalb’s water and sewer systems
Pillar 4: Support policy that builds, attracts and retains a skilled workforce


  • Ensure K-12, Technical College System of Georgia and University System of Georgia institutions have sufficient funding to improve student outcomes
  • Support local school systems autonomy and flexibility to control spending of state dollars
  • Support statewide legislation for career and college readiness so that DeKalb students can fully engage in post-secondary opportunities/training
  • Support programs designed to develop our workforce of tomorrow

As House and Senate bills are introduced during the 2020 Legislative Session, the DeKalb Chamber will evaluate and monitor legislation that impacts our members and how to move forward.  As a result, the Chamber may elect to make amendments to this Legislative Agenda, which will be made available to our Board and Chamber Members.