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The DeKalb Chamber of Commerce Hosts Luncheon on Women Leaders in Today’s Multigenerational Workforce

DECATUR, Ga., – Oct. 28, 2015 – More than 100 women and men joined The DeKalb Chamber of Commerce last Wednesday for a panel discussion presented by AT&T on “Women Leaders in Today’s Multigenerational Workforce” at the AT&T Corporate Auditorium.

Serving on the panel were Lynn Durham, Georgia Tech Assistant Vice President and Chief of Staff ; Beth Shiroishi, AT&T Georgia President; Nzinga Shaw, Atlanta Hawks and Phillips Arena Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer; and Susan Sim Oh, Telemundo Atlanta Managing Partner. Saba Long, Saporta Report Columnist moderated the event.

From finding ways to communicate with team members to adapting leadership styles to work with individuals, and to accommodating the structure of a work day, the panelists shared what their organizations are doing to meet the needs of today’s multigenerational workforce.

“It is crucial for women in the workplace to support other women. Another woman’s success does not have to be a challenge to your own,” said Durham.

Sim Oh added to the discussion the importance of considering the bicultural backgrounds of individuals on your team.

“Each individual brings a different perspective to the table and the better we understand their culture, the better we can understand and accommodate their motivations and drive to succeed,” said Sim Oh.

Panelists also addressed questions from the audience on ways to find a balance of work and personal life, and ways to improve their performance for promotions.

The panel discussion is DeKalb Chamber’s inaugural program for Women Executive Leaders of DeKalb (W.E.L.D.), a program that seeks to provide emerging leaders and women business owners in the metro Atlanta and DeKalb County an opportunity to find solutions and make an impact in their business.

“W.E.L.D. is critical to connecting and empowering women in business,” said Adrienne White, The Center for Civil and Human Rights Vice President of Finance. “At the luncheon, I gained perspective on how to personalize my leadership style to bring out the best in others no matter their background.”

In November DeKalb Chamber will host a General Membership Meeting presented by BB&T Bank with Keynote Speaker Dennis Lockhart, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta President and CEO, on Economic Outlook and Financial Impact for 2016. For more information on DeKalb Chamber and the organization’s upcoming programs and events, please visit https://www.dekalbchamber.org.


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