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Are you ready to $ave your company money?

Would you like a 7.5% discount on your workers’ comp insurance premiums?

Certify that your facility is a drug-free workplace in Georgia and receive a 7.5% discount on workers’ comp premiums!

To achieve drug-free certification, complete these 5 simple steps:

  1. Have a substance abuse policy
  2. Conduct (limited) drug testing – You DO NOT have to test your entire workforce!  You may also limit the positions you test for to safety-sensitive)
  3. Complete employee education
  4. Complete supervisor training
  5. Have an Employee Assistance Program – (or a FREE list of resources)


Your DeKalb Chamber of Commerce provides all of the following services to help you achieve a drug-free workplace and maintain it:

12 issues of the “Drug-Free @ Workplace” Supervisor and Employee English newsletters. (Spanish is available for an additional cost.) This monthly newsletter meets your annual training education requirement. Your annual fee (members $100; non-members $300) that meets all five certification requirements of Georgia law and includes:

  • List of treatment and counseling centers in your area. (Meets treatment center list requirement)
  • Fill-in-the-blanks substance abuse policy. (Meets all requirements of Georgia law)
  • Drug Free Workplace poster, window and door stickers. (Required by Georgia law)
  • Free legal advice from our drug-free workplace attorney.
  • Drug free workplace consultation from our drug-free workplace experts
  • Assistance in completing Application for Certification. This is $35 annually and will be collected separately by The State Board of Workers’ Compensation.


For more information, please contact Rachea Brooks, Drugs Don’t Work Coordinator at the DeKalb Chamber of Commerce – 404-378-8000, ext. 226

Q:           “Do I have to drug test all of my employees?”
A:            No.  Drug testing will apply to new hires, after accidents, on reasonable suspicion and post treatment.

Q:           “Do I have to fire an employee who tests positive for drugs?”
A:`          No, you may fire an employee, or refer them for treatment.

Q:           “Can I afford drug treatment costs?”
A:            Only limited drug testing is required, and the Chamber can provide resources that offer discounted rates for members.

Q:           “It’s hard to find workers now.  Will this limit the pool of workers I can draw from?”
A:            If you choose to do so, you may limit the positions you test for to “safety-sensitive.”


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