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(From left) Katerina Taylor (DeKalb Chamber President), David Westcott (PCG President & Founder)

(From left) Katerina Taylor (DeKalb Chamber President), David Westcott (PCG President & Founder)

If it’s 7:00 p.m. and your metal awning is in need of repair, then you should probably call Pierre Construction Group (PCG).

“We always answer the phone,” said David Westcott, the owner and president of PCG. “It doesn’t go off at 5:00 p.m. It shows our loyalty and when push comes to shove we’re going to make it work.”

David Pierre Westcott, who casually goes by “Dave,” established PCG in 1989. At that time he and his team worked on more residential properties.They made the shift in 2000 to commercial work because, as Westcott said, it was ”simply more enjoyable and it created a different set of problems and solutions.”

Following in his grandfather’s footsteps, Westcott always wanted to start his own business and had the opportunity after a previous company he worked for went bankrupt. He got into the hotel/motel business and then metal roofing.

“There was a market for it in Atlanta, so we decided to stick our toe in the water and now we’re a major player in roofing,” he said.

Even though Westcott is the owner of Pierre Construction Group he proudly works alongside his son, Collins. After completing his degree in Civil Engineering at GA Tech in Atlanta, Collins began working with his dad after a series of uninteresting engineering internships. Dave said he and his son work well together because they bring different characteristics to the table: Collins is organized and Dave is the entrepreneur-type.

PCG is a well-established construction company and it came as no surprise they’d seek to join the Chamber for more connections and a better “exchange of ideas and work,” Westcott said.

“I grew up in DeKalb and had friends who were involved in the Chamber before we were. In the little bit of time we’ve been a part of it, I’ve had contacts from people.”

Aside from creating beautiful, quality constructions PCG is made up of quality people, he assessed.

“We’re always willing to do what the other guys won’t,” Westcott said. “I’m the president yet I still go down to sites, put on a hard hat, and get dirty. I’m not afraid to help our guys.”

Dave drives by his products on a daily basis–the things he has helped build and create–and to him that is the most rewarding part of the job.

“It’s like a part of your family. It becomes a part of you, it’s functioning, and you had a part in it.”

We’re happy to have PCG as a member of the Chamber—now they’re a part of our work family.


Visit the PCG website for any additional questions/comments, or the chance to peruse their gallery of work: http://www.pierreconstruction.com/